Towards Your Own Rhetoric

Chantel Johnson

March 7, 2016


                                           Towards Your Own Rhetoric
            In the beginning of the quarter we were ask to reflect on ourselves as writers. I started off by saying that I did not see myself as a writer and only wrote because it was mandatory in college. I expressed how I went from loving writing to hating it, because of past experiences in primary school where I was put on blast and embarrassed for my “poor” writing skills. I went from expressing myself through writing to only doing what was asked/ expected of me. My final words were if I had to describe myself using one word as a writer I would use the word scared! Well things have defiantly changed over the past ten weeks. I would certainly change the one word from scared to cautious. Since then I have learned a lot about myself as a writer. Nevertheless, I now consider myself as a writer and a good one to be honest.

Over the past ten weeks my confidence as a writer has increased tremendously. I’ve noticed that believing in myself as a writer was one of my biggest challenges. I would constantly give myself writers block by beating myself up (figuratively), doing so I didn’t allow myself to fully articulate my thoughts. Writing groups have helped me to overcome this, because it gives me a space to be vulnerable and not feel like I’m being attacked.  I get to engage in conversation with my peers about ways to better organize, enhance, and improve my writing process. It also allowed me to see that everyone struggles with writing sometimes not just me. Finally, the positive feedback from the group helped me to recognize that I was a lot better at writing then I was giving myself credit for. I also noticed that writing about topics that I am thoroughly interested in changes my attitude towards writing. This may bring you to question what do I do when I don’t enjoy the topic? Well, this course has taught me how to incorporate sources/text into my papers very well.  With this tool I can include anything that interest me into my papers as long as I can make it all connect together. With all this being said I have fell back in love with writing and everything that comes along with it; all the editing, all the deepening of thoughts, the expanding on certain material, the constant revisions, and mainly being able to add my own flavor. I see myself going very far with writing.

I’ve learned that writing is a continuous process and it can sometimes be tedious but at the end it’s all worthwhile. Writing is a great way to get others to understand you and who you are and where you come from just like lyrics to a song, it tells your story. I see myself always writing and hope to one day write many books of my own including book about me, books that bring awareness, books for children, books on how important writing is, and how to fall in love with writing (even academic writing). Also, I would like to start a consistent blog about? Uh… well I’m not really sure on that yet but only time will tell.  Finally, I would love to someday become a song writer for big names like Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

Thank you for reuniting me with writing and opening me back up to see that writing is and will always be a part of who I am.


Discussion Groups (S.I.N)

Students Informing Now (SIN)



The acronym (S.I.N.) is a student organization formed by UCSC undergraduate students. S.I.N, stands for Students Informing Now, it represents the AB540 student population of UCSC. Most of the students were undocumented meaning they constantly live in fear (i.e. legal consequences, marginalized/stigmatized)  and face many educational inequalities. Hopelessness and a need to survive fueled these students to take action against their educational system that had little interest in ensuring them equal opportunities. S.I.N functions as a support system/safe place for AB540 students that feel a sense of injustice and helplessness in their position, it allows students to be vulnerable. Paulo Freire’s philosophy of popular education inspired S.I.N members. A flower activity was used as an analogy to the S.I.N organization. This activity allowed the members to solidify their purpose. S.I.N was initially launched by two UCSC first-year students, Metztonalli and Texcalli. As they struggled with access to financial aid and loans, they decided to create a forum for students. With the support of few UCSC staff members, they began the forum in hopes to educate those in similar situations. S.I.N’s main goal is to provide a safe place/platform for AB540 students members to engage in more politically activism and let them know that their rights matter and their voices should be heard. S.I.N brings AWARENESS and ACTION !  



AB540 California nonresident tuition exemption

  • in this articles, it refers to undocumented students
SIN’s key values solidarity, unity, and education
Dinamicas inclusive, dialogue-based activities that analyzed group’s role as students in a society that denies equal access to higher education for everyone
SINistas members of SIN
  • 21: increased criminal penalties for youth
  • 227: outlawed bilingual education in public schools
  • 209: outlawed affirmative action in public universities
Racial Nativism form of racism directed towards immigrants that can be racially identified as latina@
testimonio methodological approach to resisting oppression by allowing marginalized group to speak out for themselves on their own behalf
Sin Verguenza “Without Shame” SIN slogan



1)What is the most important objective of the foundation of SIN?


2)Any suggestions about how to improve the SIN organization?


3)What motivates SIN members to keep working to make a difference? If more than one, list them.


4)What guarantees SIN a zone of safety in the unsafe world?


5) How has Paulo Freire influenced SIN members to fight for equal opportunities?


6) How has SIN affected the UCSC community as a whole?


7) Do you believe one-on-one individual support is more effective than general support offered from schools?


8) From the educational system’s point of view, is it feasible to invest time for each and every AB540 student?

Essay #3

Chantel Johnson                                                                             ( REALLY SHITTY DRAFT #1)

February 8, 2016

WRT2/ Essay#3

Daysi’s Immigration Story

What’s the point of leaving a place you call home? Going somewhere with no family and language barriers so large all you can do is cry and moan. Immigration according to, (Wikipedia) is the movement of people into a destination country to which they are not native or do not possess its citizenship in order to settle or reside there, especially as permanent residence or naturalized citizens, to take up employment as a migrant worker or temporarily as a foreign worker (1). For many Latina/o people (although not limited to) immigration is seen as a fighting chance. Author William Perez, who wrote the book titled Americans by Heart, would consider this the “American Dream” in the terms of education for undocumented students. He describes it as (get book and quote what he says) (Perez 32).Although, Perez’s focus is on undocumented students and education the same ideology can be used for the (typical immigrant) with hopes similar if not the same as those addressed by Perez.

THESIS: Although, immigration presents many risk, sacrifices, and social/economic inequalities the potential to gain a better life makes it all worth it (rephrase). I will demonstrate all the hardships (mentioned above) that immigrants face by telling the immigration story of my close friends mother Daysi and show how she was triumphant in the end.

Daysi Aguilar was born in Santa Ana, El Salvador in 1973. She was raised in a small home by her parents with her six other siblings (three boys and three girls), she was the youngest. When Daysi reached the 4th grade she was taken out of school by her parent, so she could help out in the house and preform housekeeping duties, while they worked to make ends meet. Her living conditions were so bad that some days all the family had to eat was tortilla with salt. In 1990 at the age of seventeen she decided to follow in two of her sibling’s footsteps — Immigration. Although, she had two siblings already successfully immigrate to the US, beginning to send money (help out in El Salvador) it wasn’t enough to keep the family living comfortably. Financial hardships are her motivation behind her leaving. Deciding to pursue immigration was serious, because of the risk being taken on the journey.

Daysi’s first attempt at immigration was a tremendous risk. She was set to ride on a boat with a group of other immigrants but, had a bad feeling and decided not to get on the boat. Later on that night she found out the boat sank and everyone on it had been killed. The news reminds her of how dangerous immigration is. After getting over the fear from the first attempt to immigrate, she decided to take another chance. Daysi’s courage to try again shows she is willing to sacrifice her life for a chance to help her family. This time she was on a greyhound bus, accompanied by 6 other migrants. The first bus ride was two days long and leads to a train ride that was 5 days long. After the train ride the leader of the group walk them to a lake so they can finally shower. She hadn’t been able to shower for an entire week.



She was born in (Santa Ana) El Salvador in 1973.

  • She didn’t go to school after the 4th grade ( because unless you had money you couldn’t go to school and was taught how to be a housewife) (young age) (dummy poor)
  • At times all she had to eat was tortilla and salt/ she was in a family of nine (she had three brothers 3 sisters and two parents)
  • One of her brothers (oldest ) was in the civil war, so she had to deal with death treats top the family ( she lived in Belize for to years out of fear for the families safety after army threats)
  • She came in 1990 at the age of 17(WHY)=> because one sister and one brother had already came to the US and they were the only two providing for her family back in EL Salvador(Third world country) she came to help support her family financially (look for work) (she is the youngest)
  • HOW SHE CAME=> she was set to leave one day on a little boat and while she was getting on the boat she had a not so good feeling this feeling caused her to not aboard the boat (stayed behind) then everyone on the boat died (this means travel was dangerous) (super sacrifice to help her family) (including her life) instead of leaving on the boat (1st attempt) she left on a bus(second attempt) she was on the bus for two days after this bus ride she got on a train for about five days ( accompanying her was about 6-8 other people) after the train (no showers at all) she had to go in a swamp and take a bath! After the train she had to walk for hours upon hours in the desert at night (she held on to the leader for safety/protection from the fears of being caught) (hold on to his shirt so she wouldn’t be left behind to die) (AVOID BEING CAUGHT) after about two days of walking (the walks consisted of shelters for immigrants to rest overnight until they could continue the walks in the morning) the two days of walking was to reach the Mexico /CAN border into the US )because it was 1990 the security wasn’t as hard to get by as it is in the present day (the actual crossing of the border wasn’t as tough as the trip to get to the border with all the fearful days away from any family ) (ALONE & THE YOUNGEST) when she arrived to the border she was driven to Texas (but the man waiting ) then caught the greyhound to Los Angeles CA(HER FINAL DESTINATION)
  • As soon as she arrived she began to live with her cousin (also “illegal”) her cousin provided for her until she could get on her feet (she was provide with a job by her cousin because being illegal u are not allowed the same benefits as legal residence making it harder to find work also the fear of being deported would cause her to live a low key life style and not want to be all open) *no social security number) (she was a housekeeper)
  • After she had been for some time (1 year) she moved in with her sister (also illegal) she stayed with her sister for about three years! at this point she is doing well financially (so although very hard to be away from her family she was very happy to be able to pay back her debt from immigrating (you have  to pay 6,500 to come) she borrowed form people both in Salvador and LA (paying off her debt was fulfilling in the sense that her sacrifice was worth it) bitter sweet because of the hardships she faced (being alone, no English, no education, no driving<= are not allowed same public benefits )
  • & meet her husband! They dated for half a year and then they moved in together (he was also an immigrant with a working permit) after a year together and saving up their money they were able to purchase a home (pops = painter) months later they had a baby GIRL ON THE WAY!
  • After about 10 years & two children later BECOMING LEGAL because she wanted to be able to leave the country and see her family (very close family) and to live care free (the fear of possible being taken away at any moment! Gone / sigh/ relieve
  • The process / there was a law(NACARA= Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act)  for Salvadorians the Us provided them with legal residence if they stayed in the US for at least 5 years since December 1st 1995(same year of her daughter’s birth) her husband had been thru the process of becoming legal and was successful with his knowledge he was able to help her apply and successfully receive legal status her in the US! The process was very long like about over a yearlong!  (requirements : proof of marriage, proof of when she came to the US, this is all just to become legal resident ) NOT A CITIZEN still not one till this day!
  • After 10 years of being away from her family she was granted the biggest reward of all  being able to go home! (legal res)


Her immigration was positive because she able to help them financially by sending money

SCHOOL: old enough to continue but she had no support/ no idea about college!  she picked up on the English langue thru her different jobs as (housekeeper, nanny)  just learning the language and being able to drive!

Quiz Response

Question 2 : Perez, via Perry, proposes a “Potential Citizen” framework  for thinking about the question above, explain what this is.

  • This is the idea Perez presents to in order for migrants to get social membership from America for their social contributions. He believes that if undocumented students show they are moral citizens thru volunteering and other activities, they should receive they chance to obtain legal status and eventually pursue higher education.


Rhetorical Analysis Assignment

I’ve always had this weird obsession with the idea of love, that’s why I like Jozen’s blog titled “Inside The Mind Of The Modern Day Bachelor“. Jozen talks about trying to find love as a bachelor in one of the most unique ways I’ve ever seen. He talks about love using interactive writing style. For example, at the end of every blog post, Jozen ask a question which collaborates with his audience and provides opportunities for them to participate. This is what I want to do with my blog, I want to engage my audience and see how they feel about my opinions on things and possible help me find ideas to write about. Jozen also puts a twist on the way I think about love by talking about it in different categories. Some categories include marriage, friendships, bathtubs, and hate.. yes HATE, and writing. You may be think how does love and writing go together? This is an example of real-life connections, because he connects many real life topics like writing with love and in every blog by talking about love in different contexts. In one of Jozen’s blogs he talks about how it’s hard to write love. Because of things like smile faces :), and emojis he says you cannot fully express love with just an emoji. This is an example of audience awareness, because he is aware that everyone uses phones to communicate and that we are in a generation of technology. So he uses example that are relatable to his aundince. Jozen takes any categories and relates it back to love and this is exactly what I want to do with my blog. I want to talk about any category and relate it back to MYSELF & MY STORY.